Memorial to all Who Have Died at sea at Port Fouchon

Before the year is over, a 16-foot-tall statue of a mermaid rising from the water will stand on Louisiana’s waterfront as a memorial to all who have died at sea.

Cindie Roussel, whose son was lost diving in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011, worked with families of some of the men who died when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig caught fire in 2010 to commission The Lady of the Gulf Seaman’s Memorial .

The body of Roussel’s son, Blake Terry, 27, was never found.

“There’s truly an emptiness, and it’s even harder when you don’t have anything to be able to grasp,” Roussel told The Daily Comet at a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday. “You have the loss, but you have a double loss.”

Installation of the statue by Robert Bruce Epstein of Lakewood, Colorado, is expected in September, with unveiling in October.

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission donated the land where the statue will stand at Port Fourchon.

“We all agreed that this is the right place,” said Davie Breaux, deputy port director. The Deepwater Horizon “was actually serviced out of Fourchon, so they were used to going in and out of here. This is where they left to go to work,” he said. “We think it kind of fits.”

This story was published on the Daily Comet on July 30th 2017.