Transportation Options

Caillouet Land Properties are located sixty minutes from the closest four-lane federal highway which connects to the US Interstate System. Its proximity to land-based domestic markets make Caillouet Land Properties available to reach any US city within days by roadway. There are many ways of accessing Caillouet Land’s Properties, below are a few statistics to aid in your transportation needs.

The information listed below has been provided by the South Louisiana Economic Council.


Estimated distance (miles) from Caillouet Property to:

  • Baton Rouge, LA: 140 mi.
  • New Orleans, LA: 100 mi.
  • Atlanta, GA: 550 mi.
  • Memphis, TN: 440 mi.
  • Houston, TX: 361 mi.

Highways Serving Area

  • Nearby Interstate: I-10, I-49, I-310
  • US: US 90
  • State: LA 1, LA 308


  • Louisiana & Delta Southern Pacific

Bus Service

Parcel Service

Motor Freight Carriers

Air Service

Nearby Commercial Airports

  • New Orleans International Airport
    Runways (3): 10,080ft., 7,000ft., 3,400ft.
    Daily Flights: 356
    Airlines: American, Aero Mexico, Com-Air, Continental, Continental Express, Delta, LACSA, Northwest, Southwest, TACA, TWA, United, USAir, USAir Express, Value Jet.
  • Lafayette Regional Airport
    Runway: 7,650ft.
    Daily Flights: 20
    Airlines: American Eagle, Atlantic-SE (Delta), Continental, Northwest Airlink

Local Airports